alanna's birth story

I went in to hospital on Thursday 15th October to be induced with the pessary, later that evening I was having slow contractions. Pessary got removed 10am the following morning, got examined and was 2cm dilated so was able to have my waters broken. Got taken to labour ward around 3pm and waters got broken within the hour. I was strapped to the monitor from the moment this happened to the second I had my little boy!


My Contractions came on thick and fast to the point it was unbearable (baby was back to back) got given the epidural later that evening. Doctors were in and out checking CTG, one doctor kept pushing for me to have another section after telling her a 1000 times NO! She told me I’m putting my life and babies life at risk if I didn’t go to theatre this was around 2am Saturday morning! I dilated from 4cm to 7cm within 4 hours! At 6am I was 9cm and was told theatre is my only option! I cried the rain and felt like a failure ..


I then asked to give myself an hour to see if I get to 10cm if so I wanted to push, after the hour I asked to be examined by another doctor which I did, I was 10cm he was coming back at 9.30am for me to start pushing! Started pushing and baby was born 11.43am with one tug of the forceps!

*birth story and photos kindly shared with consent*