Baby Massage Course with The ChildBirth Group

*Please note due to Covid-19, all antenatal courses and support will be via Zoom until further notice*


Our baby massage & first aid courses are taught by Sharon - click here for to meet our expert certified baby massage instructor and infant first aid instructor!


Before babies can speak, or develop their language skills, they communicate through touch. Parents instinctively begin to gently touch, stroke and cuddle their babies, and massage can be a wonderful extension of the parents natural instinct to communicate love and reassurance. Nurturing touch is a way for parents to help ease the "transition from the womb to the world" (Montagu, 1986), for their newborn.

Baby massage is a highly beneficial and gratifying experience that you and your baby can enjoy, and research shows that it is one of the most effective ways you can support your baby's growth and emotional development. Babies who experience nurturing touch and infant massage tend to have decreased stress levels and increased trust and bonding with their parents. As well as proving to be advantageous for babies, further evidence suggests that infant massage benefits parents by decreasing stress and anxiety levels, aiding better communication with their babies. 

Benefits of baby massage:

~ Helps to relieve discomfort from colic, gas, reflux, teething and constipation
~ Aids infant-parent bonding and attachment
~ Massage has been shown to facilitate growth in preterm infants
~ Stimulates brain development
~ Improves lymph, respiratory, blood circulation and gastrointestinal function
~ Enhances development of the nervous system
~ Gives you confidence with handling your baby and better at recognising their needs
~ Improves communication and contribute to overall infant development and regulation

Baby massage is for little ones from 6 weeks old to pre-crawling stage. Please ensure your baby has had their 6 week check up to ensure their health and wellbeing before starting the course.

Sharon runs a four week course that gives the opportunity to share experiences with other mummys' or caregivers in the comfort of your home or mine; in a warm, relaxed and supportive environment to develop a parent-child attachment by gentle touch with your baby. One-to-one courses are also available.