Birth Options

Birth options is a safe place to discuss exactly what the title says - your options for birth. Whether that be where you birth, how you birth, possible interventions involving your birth, or any other questions you may have about your birth.


Maybe you've been told you 'need' to birth on labour ward, but you really would like to try a water birth. Maybe your baby is breech and you'd like to fully understand all of your options; whether that be a breech vaginal birth, external cephalic version (ECV) or a planned caesarean (abdominal) birth. Maybe your last birth was a caesarean section and this time you'd like to try for a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) but you're unsure of the benefits vs the risks?

The list is endless, and there are no limitations!

Did you ask questions at your maternity unit but felt rushed, or not listened to? Or felt the information you were given was bias towards hospital policy and not suited to your individual needs or wants?

With me, there is no rush. Birth options is normally an hour long, however there is no set time. We will discuss ALL of your options. Your time with me will be with nothing but complete transparency, discussing the evidence based research so you can make a truly informed choice as to how you'd like to birth your baby. My role is to help you feel informed, without personal opinion or bias, and to simply facilitate you achieving the birth you want!


"How you reflect and feel about your birth will be mostly based on the choices or lack of choices presented, and not necessarily the type of birth you had. When you have knowledge you feel confident, and when you are confident, you are in control."

- Lauren @themummidwife