infant feeding support

*Due to Covid-19, and the UK government’s current recommendation for social distancing means that I am providing infant feeding support via Zoom, FaceTime and WhatsApp. I am able to offer in person support in emergency cases.*


After giving birth to my first daughter in 2017, I experienced insufficient milk supply due to retained products of conception post birth. I had a difficult time trying to maintain my milk supply, and had to top up with artificial milk (formula) for a short while. This can be a vicious circle, as breastfeeding works on supply and demand. The more your baby is removing milk (good transfer) from your breast, the more milk you will make.


Surprisingly, midwives have little training in breastfeeding (and infant feeding in general). That, alongside staff shortages and infant feeding cuts, many new mothers struggle to get the support they need and deserve, especially in the early days. Unfortunately the support system is broken, not you or your baby!


After always having had an interest in infant feeding, alongside my personal struggles with my first breastfeeding journey, I decided to further my lactation experience by enrolling on the Breastfeeding London Course at a postgraduate level of education in 2018, where I gained extensive knowledge about lactation and breastfeeding which compliments my current knowledge and skills. In 2020 I qualified as an IBCLC (International Board Lactation Consultant) providing expert breastfeeding support and advice to expectant and new mothers.


Whether you are pregnant, or you have welcomed your baby into the world, I am able to offer you impartial, practical advice, which is tailored to you and your baby. Whether you wish to exclusively breastfeed, mixed/combi feed, or bottle-feed, I will work with you, and you will be fully supported. 


I am able to offer one-to-one specialist breastfeeding and bottle feeding in either my home or yours - areas covered: Epsom, Ewell and Ashtead.

Private one-to-one support is charged at £70 per hour (I work by baby time!) Payment can be made via bank transfer. For anyone in financial difficulties, please message me to discuss your personal circumstances.

I also provide free breastfeeding support and advice - either online via my social media platform, or via email. All women who wish to breastfeed should have access to professional, evidence based and friendly support.​

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