nitisha's birth story

Waters broke at 36+7 naturally and so did contractions

1sweep at 37+3

Natural birth (no pain relief, too quick to get into my birth pool) delayed active management

Risks: ethnicity, high bmi, age, previous caesarean

Prep: yoga, aquanatal, positive birth company digital pack hynobirthing, saw a chiropractor, spinning babies exercises, positive birth after caesarean audio course.

Birth partner: Doula + hubby

Main sources of information: chilled mama and positive birth after caesarean.

Hyperemesis gravidarum (4-26wks) and pelvic gurdle pain

Denied consultant led care after first appointment as we both agreed I was informed about the risks for a vbac and I felt there was nothing he could tell me that I didn't already know /mythbust

Previous birth: induction led to foetal distress and emergency caesarean

Breastfed toddler throughout pregnancy

Toddler upstairs asleep through whole thing (rare occasion of sleeping through the night in his own bed)

After not feeling very informed in my last birth (waters broke, spontaneous start to contractions, induced before 24hrs post waters breaking) I was determined to be informed regardless of location and delivery.

This pregnancy and birth was so healing for me. I really felt in control of my body, conversations which took place and all options around delivery. I planned for hbac, hospital vbac, and caesarean wanting to take control over any situation. I hadn't planned for my labour starting the same way but was determined for it not to end emotionally the same way.

VBAC consultant midwife supportive and has changed hospital policy for midwives to use sense and monitoring birthing mums to individualise care and reduce need for VE's!

Hbac: waters broke 36+7. 37wks Went to adau and they confirmed waters had broke and checked my and bubs stats we were all fine so I respectfully declined any intervention for 72hrs and would monitor bubs and fluid release. Irregular contractions started within 24hrs of waters breaking. 37+1 went back to hospital for foetal monitoring and check my stats - everything was fine. 37+2 - no checks, irregular contractions which increased during the night. 37+3 72hrs were up went back for monitoring and talk with a consultant: stats checked and ve: cervix was 1cm thick, soft and 2cm dilated. Considered BRAIN and opted for a sweep. No contractions following sweep. Toddler wanted more feds that night. 37+4 still no contractions returned. 37+5 walked with hubs, went for breakfast, chilled, massages, naps, laughs and lovin', once toddler returned from nursery more feeding. Rang doula to discuss plan.


I had settled that I would have an appointment at 37+5 to arrange what would happen if baby hadn't come by 38wks (I would be induced with as little dose as of syntocinon, once contractions began turn it off to allow body to do what it could and turn on if any stalls. I was also going to discuss intervals of drip dosing and levels & what point I would have an ecs) 11pm, in bed, contractions came back, I was so chuffed as I felt the sweep was really invasive, made me feel uncomfortable and thought I shouldnt have done it. I didn't monitor just let it happen. They became regularly so started to monitor. 1am I woke hubs and he rang doula and MiL.

Just before doula arrived I went to my birthing room to relax and take what was happening. At this point didn't know whether we would stay at home or go hospital. Things progressed quickly, midwives called at 04:xx arrived 06:xx, during this time I experienced transition! I really didn't think I could do it. When midwives arrived I Had 1 ve with consent was 10cm and midwife could see baby's head. I wanted to get in the pool but couldnt wait, one breath and baby was out! I didn't get a chance to catch her but I did cut the cord.

I'm still piecing together the full birth story which I'm looking forward to talking about with my hubs and doula - I couldn't have done it without them, they were always on my side. During transition having a doula present was great to remain focused and gave reassurance. During birth I listened to my body for positions and needed my hubs pushed down on my pelvis during contractions. Hynobirthing breathing didn't really work for me, I was a bit too cave-woman rather than peaceful but the elevator breath and the final breathing the baby out was great.

*birth story and pictures kindly posted with consent*