postnatal support

*Please note due to Covid-19, all antenatal courses and support will be via Zoom until further notice*


Making the transition to parenthood often describe it being one of the most exciting, overwhelming, life-changing experiences of their lives. First time expectant parents are propelled into a new world - not only is a beautiful baby born, but you are too!

Giving birth is only the start! Support during the postnatal period is underestimated and often overlooked. As part of NHS routine postnatal maternity care, a majority of new parents may only get to see a midwife once in their own home, meaning midwifery care during such an important period is sadly, very much limited.

I offer postnatal visits in your own home, offered as an additional private service, and not in replacement of your NHS care. As a registered midwife, member of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and a mother myself, you will be given friendly, realistic, expert one to one support, using the most up to date evidence based research.

I offer sound, practical care and advice in all aspects of caring for your newborn baby, such as feeding, winding, safe sleeping, bathing, nappy changing, dressing / undressing, soothing your baby and enabling new parents to gain a better understanding of the 'fourth trimester' and normal newborn behaviour. Or if you fancy having a relaxing bath, some r&r, or even sleep - hurrah! Then I can look after your beautiful baby whilst having some well deserved 'you' time.


My aim is to ensure you are well informed, supported and reassured, leaving you feeling confident and relaxed in this incredible new chapter in your lives!